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  • How to Share Your Faith $6.50
  • Master Plan of Evangelism $3.50
  • Revolution (Based on the Book of Acts) $8.50
  • Lost Art of Disciple Making $7.00
  • Disciple Makers Handbook $8.50
  • Disciples Handbook $7.25
  • Life of Impact $9.00

This Spring as God molds your life and helps you blossom into the dreams he has for you, why not learn how to better share God's work with others?  We want to help you and others grow spiritually.  For many, we understand, buying books can be a hardship.  Due to the great need and importance of this subject, KingdomBooks will be subsidizing many of the books in the list.  The prices you see are deeply cut, and in some cases, are below our cost.

KingdomBooks is a nonprofit ministry.  We encourage you to help in our mission.  We currently have a great need for volunteers.  We have been asked to serve several more churches, but can not possibly do so without more help.  Other ways of helping are through prayer, donation of new and used books of all types, donation of equipment, and through monetary donations.  All donations are tax deductible.

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